Countless Belts, Innumerable Roads

The Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) is known in the Chinese speaking world as 一帶一路 (yī dài yì lù), or One Belt One Road - in part a throwback to the historical Silk Road, in part an epigraph to the so-called China Dream which envisions political singularity under Chinese rule, patronage and investment. At Wàn Belt Wàn Road, we replace the English word "one" for the Mandarin word "萬 (wàn)", literally meaning 10,000 but often used metaphorically to mean countless, myriad or innumerable. We believe that underneath the official state proclamations of oneness there are countless subjectivities, myriad voices and innumerable stories to be told. Wàn Belt Wàn Road is a database for the experience of the profound effect that China is having on the entire world.

Wàn Belt Wàn Road is split into two parts: Wàn Look and Wàn Voice. Wàn Look is a centre for discussion and opinion on China, The Global South and China-engaged topics from around the world, featuring well-researched articles and interviews consulting issues past, present and future. Wàn Voice is an archival database of memories and experiences pertaining to the Belt and Road Initiative, and seeks to create a log that is both useful to researchers and fulfills an important historiographical role. If you would like to make a submission to Wàn Voice, then please contact us through the submission portal in the Wàn Voice tab. Linguistically diverse submissions and pitches are always welcome. 

We hope you enjoy your time at Wàn Belt Wàn Road.

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